Hello!!!! I'm Eurydice!!! This is my website!!!

Honestly, I'm not too sure what to write here. I think I'm probably gonna use this website as a bit of a blog / place to work on when I have a spare moment!! I'm really wanting to practice coding, so this website will definitely grow over time. I'm hoping to make an ARG type site at some point, but that's waaaaay down the line. I hope you enjoy it so far!

okay!! hello!! I'm back!! This is day two of working on my website!!! I'm also posting this on Discord I think so hopefully it gets a bit more traction!! My discord is @itseurydice btw, if you ever stumble across this page and want to send me a friend request!! I'm also hanging out w my friend Bruno today!! I'm very excited :3

Hello chat!!! Today I had work, which was pretty boring. I got to hang out w my wife, Iris, which was fun, but also she's like dying or wtv soooo... Honestly though, most of today was just working. Oh, it was fathers day today too, which is pretty cool I suppose? I didn't really do much for it tho. I'm trying to figure out what else to add, as well as working on some secrets for the website, so stay tuned!!

hullo chat!! boring day today, not really getting up to too much. I didn't do too much coding yesterday, but that's fine. honestly, it's a bit of a slower day, at least, until work-- but that's fine!! I'm getting to hang out with Iris again today, and I'll be playing games with Bruno tomorrow, so all is well in the world!! I also got to hang out with Lief today!! Well, I mean, we live togther, but!!! yeah :3

BAD day for the eurydice fans out there. going through it today. honestly didn't think i'd make it but we're so up so it's fine!!!! we stay winning chat >:3 no bruno today though (my own fault), but I beat the shit out of Iris on JJK Shenanigans in Roblox for a good few hours. Love you Iris <3


this girl was in the hospital :( ouchhhh

sorry for not updating my website recently!! Honestly I've just kinda been on the down and spiraling a bit, but I'll be okay. I'm a big girl!!! Anyways, just work and games today, maybe some Iris time (I hope), and possibly some Bruno time? Lief has recently gotten into playing Civ 4 which is cool!! I've been playing Roblox recently, which is silly because I used to hate on this game 24/7 but hey!! honestly not a bad game. okay that's all I have the energy for, keep an eye out for new pages appearing on my site though!!

again and again

Today was a struggle but I'm really cool and hot so it's okay!!!! I love Bloxfruits :3c. A few new updates to the site, a handful of new secrets, go hunt!! good luck!! :D

More bloxfruits today, not really up to much. I'm not feeling too great right now, but I'm hoping to get into therapy soon which should help. New discord profile picture to match with iris, which is great!! Um, besides that, not a lot going on in my life. Working tonight :/. Love you chat!! <3

evening everyone, it's been a while! i'm sleepy and a wee bit high, but all is well in life. i wanna work on this website more i promise, I'm just very demotivated in general. work has been good, um, lief is coming home tomorrow! (I hope). He lost his ID while on a trip, and it's unclear whether or not he'll be able to fly back without it. If he doesn't, that means it's gonna be a looong drive for your girl. but!! that would mean pictures, so.. that's a plus, at least. Okay it's bedtime goodsleep!! :D

Hiii!! :3 I'm playing games with Naz today, which I'm really excited for. Had work, which was long and v tiring, but I'm v happy to be home. Sorry for the lack of updates, I've just been really busy and honestly unmotivated. I'll try to work on this website more often!! Love you chat <3